Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church

A warm "Hello!" from the members of our congregation. We invite you to come to our church to hear the Word of God. Our Lutheran Church does not claim any special monopoly on the truth, but we believe that God's Holy Spirit guides us through the Bible to know the true God and our relationship to Him. We want to share with you this message because of what Christ means to us, namely, that through His death and resurrection we have eternal life, courage and guidance for daily living.



Good Shepherd:
In John 10:14 Jesus says, "I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me." Those belonging to our congregation represent some of Jesus' worldwide flock. Each person is unique. And yet, every need of each person is met in Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. His unfathomable love for every soul soothes every pain, heals every hurt, and brings immeasurable joy through the sure hope of everlasting life.

Our church identifies itself with the name of Martin Luther, the great Christian pastor and teacher of the sixteenth century who worked to reform the church according to the teachings of the Bible. Martin Luther pointed Christians to the Bible alone as God's inspired Word from which all the church's beliefs and practices are to be drawn.

Our congregation is one small portion of God's total church which is made up of all people of all times and places who look to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.